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Moon Cleaning is a full-service cleaning business known for putting quality first. Feel confident your Home or office are in good hands.

Cleaning Services


Residential & commercial Cleaning

A personalized service with weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits. Where we take care of the complete cleaning of a house from bathrooms, kitchen, change of sheets, dusting tables, shelves, blinds, fans, baseboards, door and window frames, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floors.


Home vacation​

We make sure that your guests find a clean and pleasant place to enjoy their vacations, we thoroughly clean each area and surface of the house, bathrooms and kitchen, we organize the dishes, we change the sheets, we place clean towels and the supplements that you supply.


Moveout Cleaning

 It is a deep cleaning service where we carry out a detailed cleaning of the entire house, from bathrooms, kitchen, in each room we take care of dusting all surfaces, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, thoroughly cleaning blinds, baseboards, fans, switches and doors.  


Construction cleaning

 It is a specialized service for builders or owners of new houses, construction cleaning is regularly divided into 3 cleaning phases:

Rough, Final, Reclean


We’re more than just your standard cleaner.

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Hi Mari! i just got home and want to say thank you again! you did a great job and I am very pleased!

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